Monday, September 15, 2014

The Audition

Saturday was an exciting day for Elsa Lelise. Not only did she get to audition for Nutcracker, but we registered her for basketball, too!

  photo 53eeedfd-8121-4155-94ca-ea25eb41091d_zpsc7ed45fb.jpg  photo 54d9ba49-f9c0-421f-81f4-43155759c26d_zpsffcd8ba8.jpg

It's time to explore her talents and interests!

*** Note: You may notice Elsa has a short do again. We took out her extensions just before the audition because they don't allow you to change your appearance between casting and performances. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Sugar Plum Fairy

Guess what Elsa is doing tomorrow afternoon???

 photo 24181ea9-74cd-44cc-bf2c-d79c89250e86_zps4ee8a0f3.jpg

Auditioning for Nutcracker!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Home Sweet Home

 photo d25b4d37-4c69-40fd-be28-b7edae664cb1_zps2a452bb3.jpg

Lorelai has really been struggling with her asthma this week. Consequently, she has been home from school most of the week doing breathing treatments. After I got home from my gig last night she was worse off than ever, so we went to the ER to have her looked at.

Her oxygen level was low and when they had her blow into the peak flow meter she couldn't even move the marker! The doctor and nurse had never seen such a thing. They gave her a steroid along with another breathing treatment. Once again, she blew into the peak flow meter and couldn't budge it. So, another breathing treatment.

By 2 AM the doctor was seriously considering admitting her but finally decided to let us go home for the night with a prescription for another steroid. Her breathing has still been weak, as the doctor put it, "It's like she is breathing through a straw."

But enough of the details, here is what I did to help keep Lorelai and me entertained until the wee hours of the morning:

1) Draw hair do's on the pain chart faces. It made me laugh to think about someone coming in the room and discovering them after we had gone.

  photo 9eced674-5afd-4f83-8cdc-93168df9a73a_zps783a8d24.jpg
I think they look much better with do's, don't you?

2) Play hang man. This puzzle was created by Lorelai for me to solve. My heart melted when I realized she had written home sweet home. We were both longing to crawl into bed.

  photo 491557ac-226c-4bed-85d2-621ad10ce57b_zps957e44cd.jpg

When they finally discharged her we were mid-game, so we decided to finish it off before we left. The doctor came back in to get a paper he'd forgotten and was shocked to see us still hanging around. "We had to finish our game of hangman," I explained. Then he laughed. Only someone as crazy as me would make hangman a priority at 2 AM.

Needless to say, she and I are both rather sleepy today.

  photo e7a57c82-261d-487d-8921-f36fa2487dbb_zpsfc06bf47.jpg

We've declared it a lazy day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Love, Life, and Elephants

 photo 94107f2d-b3de-4269-87cd-f64e7e93f158_zps7384342b.jpg

So, I'm reading a book right now titled, Love, Life and Elephants: An African Love Story. At first I was bored and forced myself to keep going (because I have a habit of abandoning books mid-read these days). I felt the story dragged, I felt there was too much detail, I felt no connection to what I was reading.

And then something happened.

I began loving it.

You see, this is not fiction, but rather the memoir of a woman, Daphne Sheldrick, who reared orphaned wildlife in Kenya; animals who otherwise would have met their doom. And as I thought of it as her story, and not just a book written to entertain, I became engrossed in it. Her life in Tsavo seemed to capture a strange balance between danger and hardship and beauty and whimsy. Mrs. Sheldrick sets an example on living bravely and boldly, and I hope to live my own life in the manner that she did.

In other news...

I'm performing with a string quartet tonight at some event for some company - I really don't know the details other than I am supposed to show up with my viola and play, so that's what I'll do. We are performing some brilliant music, including Dvořák's String Quartet No. 12 in F major, Op. 96 "American". The best part is that the viola starts it off with an amazing little melody. 

Here, have a listen:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Mira, Es Un Carro."

Elsa brought a Spanish book home from school today; 
she's supposed to start reading in Spanish every night.

[Elsa Lelise, third week of 1st grade.]

I am amazed - absolutely amazed - at how quickly she is picking it up!
I needn't remind you, ten months ago she was living in an orphanage - in Africa. In that time she has learned English - fluently - and has progressed so much with Spanish. It is an absolute joy to watch her grow and learn. 

And stay tuned - because later this week she is doing something very exciting!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lisa the Alien

This is what I look like as an alien:

  photo e6c9f025-a6b5-4dee-bb61-0fea46ea690d_zps041e6391.jpg

Alexandra drew this for me. She wrote my name in cursive, made a mirror image of it, and then colored it in to create a friendly critter from out of this world.

  photo 4b37e64e-baad-4521-ab39-76c60deda507_zps2fcf773c.jpg

There is an alien invasion on my refrigerator:

 photo 61f1e535-f3d6-4096-932c-93792d41d1b9_zpscb771556.jpg

Your homework assignment for today:
Write your name and create your alien-you!

(Come on, you know you want to!)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Crazy Hair Day!


  photo c6c107df-c548-482f-a5da-34d6fb536b7c_zpsab65daa2.jpg  photo 5499aa79-d94e-45a0-ba11-4fbc5be1b56d_zps760448cc.jpg

On Friday, I created two culinary delights atop Alexandra's head.

All in the name of school spirit!


Friday, September 5, 2014

The Magic of Motherhood

 photo 82002bda-90d7-4b56-ae38-99c2cc4c3c0a_zps46645986.jpg 

Yesterday was magical

Yesterday was peaceful

Yesterday was happy

 I am so grateful for my life, especially to be a mother. I am honored to be Elisabeth's mom. It's a big job. Sometimes I think about just how dependent she is. Sometimes I think about how she needs me for everything. Of course there are the obvious things, like food and diaper changes, but there are little things that I think about daily. For example, when I get her tucked into bed I try to figure out what weight of blanket she needs. Most people can just kick off a blanket if they get too hot, or they can pull on an extra blanket if they are cold. Elisabeth can do neither, she needs me to keep her in mind. I can usually sense what she needs - that's the magic of being a mother, you can sense things. 

Yes, I am a lucky one. Lucky to have all of this.

I will never forget just how lucky I am.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Tri-City Astronauts

It's that time again...time for my fantasy football team,  
The Tri-City Astronauts,
to dominate. 

My 2014 team is as follows:

QB - Andrew Luck
QB - Carson Palmer
WR - Alshon Jeffery
WR - Victor Cruz
WR - Michael Floyd
WR - Riley Cooper
RB  - Adrian Peterson
RB - Giovani Bernard
RB - Lamar Miller
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew
RB - Carlos Hyde
TE - Jordan Cameron
TE - Dennis Pitta
K - Dan Bailey
K - Nick Folk
DEF - St. Louis

Excitement is in the air here in Washington as our Seattle Seahawks - who I need not remind you are the reigning Super Bowl Champions - get ready to play their first game of the season tomorrow night!

And the most exciting thing of all is that football means fall!
And fall means orange leaves, pumpkins, baking, sweaters, and chili!

Oh, happy day!

 photo 28f9f711-d3b9-4e5b-95d2-8c8e82cf6da6_zpse709efd6.jpg  photo 5347888d-2494-4947-a428-66f7c2bbfcf4_zpsb3259f7d.jpg  photo 8d8324b1-8d56-41e6-8f12-633abbc22e01_zpseb50fc86.jpg 
Elisabeth says, "Go Seahawks!"
and "Go Tri-City Astronauts!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Why I Should Be Happy"

Would you believe me if I told you that prior to this past weekend, my girls had never been miniature golfing? They had been wanting to go for a while now and finally the perfect day arose: the calendar was open, and the weather was glorious.

 photo e9543f60-df90-416c-8478-13b920a1eb33_zps6bb16ba3.jpg  photo 45c5359a-5a54-481e-93f7-dbb640eab65c_zpsf4a41265.jpg  photo 18c74f52-e1a2-437c-b8c0-23d408bf4ac0_zps3a451b52.jpg  photo d8f572fa-eaef-43c5-a567-3804844d28ff_zpsda1f5e2d.jpg  photo aa46c372-58b8-4aec-b166-0d3ab4ba5708_zps032fd551.jpg  photo 26736181-bfa0-46d1-b829-99d74f89e407_zpsbb98bebe.jpg

Now didn't that look fun?

The truth:

There was a lot of grumbling. A lot of complaining. A lot of 'this game is dumb' and 'this is impossible'. You see, my girls happen to be little perfectionists and if something doesn't come easy to them they get a teensy bit frustrated.

Then I got frustrated because they were supposed to be having fun. So naturally I set in on one of my world-famous-lectures and had them come home and write essays titled, 'Why I should be happy'. The finished products were pretty awesome and are now safely filed away. 

I'll pull them out for reference the next time we go miniature golfing.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Royal Pup Turns Two!

It is Brigitta's Birthday! 

As you can imagine, the children have been counting the days...because it's a big deal when your dog turns two! Naturally, Alexandra baked her a cake. Then we took her on an outing to the local pet store. She was so curious about all the critters behind the glass. That's a two year old for ya!

  photo d8d9dcd0-3459-40f8-991d-1cb56ee16cae_zps65e356da.jpg

After sufficiently examining all the mice, hamsters, and birds, Brigitta allowed the girls to play dress up with her. They tried her in a myriad of Halloween costumes. Including this shark ensemble:

  photo af8135f2-688d-4275-8014-b27a8e0f5060_zps0455e045.jpg

When it was time to come home, the girls pooled their money together and bought Brigitta a new dog bed and a superman costume:

 photo 446e418c-c245-4b32-a6e1-1afe12418d3f_zps8f0d2d4a.jpg


P.s. As I type this I hear Elsa upstairs singing Deck the Halls. She's only been in America one Christmas season and already has the carols learned. Now I'm wondering what made her think of it on September 1st??

Fa la la la la la la la la!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Think, think, think.

When we weren't riding rides at Disneyland, or catching sand crabs on the beach, or exploring Hollywood, the children played chess.

  photo c4cc0ed0-a249-4d98-838e-80ed122874f8_zps9efe0a2e.jpg
[Lorelai Leigh, SoCal vacation, 2014]

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The First Day!

May I present to you...

~ Alexandra Louise ~ :::6th Grade :::
 (middle school!)

 photo 6c7e9ae4-ab9f-41ba-8ae0-fd8b2b31fb8e_zpsd85ea356.jpg  photo 4239410c-e874-4ae6-8c9d-5163c83633cd_zps68db6f45.jpg  photo 8c61d92a-92c9-4620-9f07-3f2a4d7c358a_zps584c7790.jpg

~ Lorelai Leigh ~
 :::4th Grade:::

 photo a6f976a6-4a4a-43ec-b703-cfa15861dbeb_zps01d9eb5f.jpg  photo 71b69a96-4aaa-4264-b919-29d0df3fa6e6_zpsac043fe1.jpg
 photo d73a1ae6-8ca5-4ff0-ade4-632766a4af4b_zps990a44d0.jpg

~ Elsa Lelise ~
:::1st Grade:::
7dc00bbd-165c-41d8-a620-3eeebed85cab_zps790d30f9.jpg  photo 
0520f85c-01a4-4d32-8264-4d343a4f73db_zps3af685c6.jpg  photo 

~ Elisabeth Elva ~
:::1st Grade:::
 photo 1da131ee-54e1-4c37-ada9-d1145cb89b0e_zps057e00d6.jpg  photo 76768588-7d46-463d-bef9-0d7497b02272_zps50f09a46.jpg  photo 361e947e-bc88-4422-b4c3-b4ecf2b44f39_zpsac3a6c8f.jpg

 photo deb82fc2-53bb-4e0b-afb3-868dd9ab14b5_zps15685722.jpg  photo 1e75dbaf-9bec-4d0c-b536-21e8b6d3f86e_zpse5b85d57.jpg  photo 73ac54b9-ff5d-4135-ac94-b418e51ec42b_zpsae7a460f.jpg  photo 14d831f6-652d-4390-a243-834c435e253c_zps3b10f0ce.jpg  photo 9f25aaa7-d2c7-40c5-bd7f-2989ef99f428_zps65838685.jpg

Today was wonderful!

Alexandra had the "best day ever!" and absolutely loves middle school! Plus, she ended up getting assigned to an 8th grade locker (which is enormous compared to the 6th grade ones). She can't even wait for tomorrow so she can go back.

As for Elisabeth, I was extremely nervous about the full-day school schedule, but she did amazing! When I walked in her classroom at three o'clock she looked alert and happy, with a definite sparkle in her eye. As soon as I started talking she began flailing her arms about as if to say, "Mom, today was spectacular!"

Something tells me it's going to be a great year!

Monday, August 25, 2014


T'was time to introduce Elsa to another fine Sorenson tradition:

Back-to-School Caramel Apples.

   photo c6c0633d-960b-4da2-be3f-8247705ba70e_zpse587c3c4.jpg  photo d44f866f-ac8b-43bc-a417-d3138bcb7396_zps056276f6.jpg  photo 3f0c105e-f1f4-466c-8c93-cca4e8eff385_zps65ae04ec.jpg  photo d5edda82-ea2b-4100-a450-c1010eedb76d_zpsc5335370.jpg  photo c887bd9e-ac54-484f-8965-89365d0dcde9_zpsafde0bc2.jpg  photo e8ca7a53-3bb3-4522-8f98-0557b20ef0dd_zpsc68d923c.jpg  photo 96d92c18-50e1-45ea-b702-58cd509c2120_zps79c7fe2d.jpg  photo 0d43c568-e2fc-4bd6-a7cc-aa603f24f05b_zpsdcda0b9e.jpg  photo 4b57b810-9f2c-4e18-9eec-4decd859ff58_zps1d177418.jpg  photo 9f280601-fd3c-47f7-94a2-17a60b853cab_zpsa54c794e.jpg  photo cd386e01-7263-4549-b714-f25ca3c7bf28_zps29b86e76.jpg

Once the apples were dipped and decorated, the girls delivered them to their favorite classmates to wish them luck in the school year ahead.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Alexandra is entering middle school and she is sooooooo excited! I remember the night before I started middle school - I was a nervous wreck. But not Lex, she's confident and cool.

Also, Elisabeth is entering the first grade and it will be her first full day of school. I admit, I am feeling some anxiety about having her gone from 8:30 - 3:00. We will give it a try for a week or two - I might put her back on a half day schedule if it seems to be too much for the little queen.

Happy Learning!

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