Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To The Hospital and Home Again

Yesterday Elisabeth had a bit of a double whammy. She was having her usual morning cluster of Infantile Spasms when I saw a twitch...and then another. Sure enough, she was having a seizure too. Both at the same time! My eyes have become somewhat trained in different kinds of epileptic activity, and she was most definitely having seizures and spasms. It went for 25 minutes. Finally it calmed down, but then her eyes started rolling up into her head. That was it, to the hospital we went.

It took the girls about 45 minutes in the ER to become completely bored and they started begging for me to call Grandma. So we did, and Grandma arrived shortly thereafter. To read about their adventures at Grandma's click here.

Elisabeth is fine. Usually I would not have rushed her to the hospital. I have become quite accustomed to seeing seizures, and even more so, the spasms. But both together, and for almost half an hour....that was too much to ignore.

Now for the happy news...

Today Elisabeth is 9 months old!!

She will spend her day doing two of the things that she is most familiar with. A photo shoot, and a trip to the doctor. She won't mind the pictures, but I do think she'll mind the pediatricians office. Because of the ACTH therapy she has to get all of her immunizations over again! Not in one day of course, but still, that's a lot of catching up to do. Poor baby girl.

Keep a happy thought today!!

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