Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good vs. Not So Good


Good: School's out in a little over 3 weeks. Vacation is in 4 weeks. Oh, the anticipation!

Not so good: Elisabeth has an ear infection :(

Good: My Mother's Day Makeover began yesterday and it was absolutely amazing. I, for one, had never done the whole spa day thing before, and now I see that I was completely missing out. Hop on over to Make You Over to get the full report (and see a few pictures).

Not so good: Donald and I own a second home that we rent out. Unfortunately the entire air conditioning system has gone kaput. And I mean completely, 100% kaput. Kaput as in it's going to be something like $8000.00 to replace it all. I can think of a million and two things that I would rather do with $8000.00......but you get what you get and you don't throw a fit, right?

Good: It's been one week today since Elisabeth got her g-tube and she has gained 2 pounds!!!!! How wonderful to see the scale going up, up, up again!!

Have a good day!

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