Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Catching Up with the Times (finally)


A few days ago Donald, Jennifer and I were looking through the TV listings trying to decide what to watch. Donald was trying to convince me to watch Zombieland (or something like that), but I really didn't have much interest in it.

Then we saw that Twilight was playing on Showtime.


'Should I watch it?' I thought to myself.

Jennifer voted a strong yes because she had read the books and watched the movies and knew it was something I would like.

Donald was hesitant, but willing.

My only hold back was that I hadn't read the books yet and I wasn't sure I wanted to watch the movies before I had read the series.

(And the only reason I haven't read the series yet is because I still haven't finished all the Harry Potter books. It seems like there should be some rule about getting involved in a new series before finishing the last, doesn't it?)


I decided to watch Twilight anyways.

And I loved it.

The screenplay was very well written. I don't know how it compared to the book, but I thought it did a great job of plot development. Especially in comparison to the last movie we had watched (just the night before). It was a little film by the name of Because of Winn Dixie. There was so much wrong with that screenplay that it made me cringe. All Jennifer and I could do the next day was list all the flaws in the storyline....and trust me, there were many.

So Twilight was great; even the once hesitant Donald would agree with that.

In fact, the next day when we were at his parents house I heard him asking his brother if we could borrow his copy of New Moon. And as soon as we got the kids home and into bed we settled in to watch it.

Another fantastic experience (I only wish Edward had more screen time, because I find him stunningly handsome. Jacob......not so much.)

So then yesterday Donald tells me he wants to take me out on a date.

To a movie.

And I say (with a grin),

'What movie were you thinking of? Eclipse?'

And he smiled back with a smirk that said, 'of course, what else?'

So on a date we went. And as expected, Eclipse did not disappoint. In fact, we thought it was wonderful. (I think Donald's favorite thing about the film series is that Edward drives a Volvo. Donald drives a Volvo too. You know how men are about cars...)

Now I'm left hanging with no movies left to watch; I think it's time to crack open Breaking Dawn and get reading.

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