Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving On


Today is a big day for Elisabeth. She will have her last therapy session at The Children's Developmental Center (birth-3 years) and then graduate to the Kennewick School District.

I can remember so clearly our first visit there when Elisabeth was just 3 weeks old. And now here she is, rapidly approaching 3! I won't say that the time has gone fast (for it has seemed like 3 years to me), but regardless, it is amazing to think that it's already time for her to move on.

Donald and I are so thankful to The Children's Developmental Center, specifically Elisabeth's occupational therapist, Patty, her speech therapist, Betsy, and her teacher, Teresa. They have come into our home each week for the past 3 years and taught Elisabeth with such patience and love. They have cheered her on and never, ever given up on her. We know that Elisabeth's life has been greatly enriched because of them and we will be forever grateful.

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