Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Elisabeth's Gift


Elisabeth lives a life full of limitations; visually, physically, and mentally. She can't climb on the jungle gym or run across the grass at the park. She can't watch Sesame Street or look at the animals in the zoo. And she can't understand about even the simplest things....like colors and shapes.

But in her life full of disabilities, she has been given a great gift...the gift of music. Through music there are no limitations. She is free to create it and she is free to enjoy it. From sitting at the piano and pounding to her hearts content...to hearing the brass band at the high school football game, music is Elisabeth's key to the world.

While Elisabeth and I are home during the days we set out on musical adventures. Just yesterday we were listening to Bobby Darin and the day before that Beethoven's 7th Symphony filled our home. Musical history provides such a wide range of sounds and genres and it is so exciting to think about sharing it all with Elisabeth.

Music plays another strong role in her life too; the role of a comforter. There have been many a hospital stay where I have had soft lullabies playing on the CD player; turning a cold, sterile room into a place that is familiar and welcoming. And I can't count how many times she has gone in for a CT scan and held still just because she was listening to the words of her favorite childhood songs (she hasn't had to be sedated yet for a CT...not once!).

Indeed, music has enriched Elisabeth's life in a powerful way. It has given her something to enjoy and something to understand in a world that - in most ways - she can't participate in.

And that is a wonderful, wonderful gift.


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