Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Off!

Precisely 5 1/2 weeks after snapping both the bones in her left arm, Lorelai's cast was removed...

Lorelai went into the appointment extremely excited...but once the cast was taken off, she fell into a state of sadness, as if she has lost a piece of herself:

She seemed unsure of how to use her arm, in fact, I think she was afraid. I likened the situation to a person who is released from jail after being there for years and years. They should be thrilled at their new found freedom, but instead they find themselves intimidated, scared, and not sure of how to proceed.

When we left the orthopedic surgeon's office I noticed that Lorelai was acting as if the cast were still on. She would not straighten her arm, she would not use her left hand. Basically, she carried on with the normalcy that she had created for herself within the confines of her cast:

[Buckling handed.]

So it looks like Lorelai is going to need some time to get used to having a functional arm again. But hopefully it won't take too long because I am tired of wiping her bum. (Did I just say that?) (lol!)

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