Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lorelai's 6th Birthday

Let me start by saying that the birthday wrap/party/decor selection this year is pretty sad. I had struggled to find anything cute and whimsical for Elisabeth and Alexandra's parties, so you can imagine that by the time birthday number 3 rolled around, I was tapped for ideas. Everything I came across was either too juvenile, too mature, or just too plain generic. And I don't like least not for birthdays. Birthdays are supposed to be magical. (I learned that from my mom. She made our birthday's so special!).

So for the past few weeks I kept my eyes open, hoping to be inspired by something...anything.

That's when I saw them:

Blue jacks with cherry red bouncy balls.

They were perfect and portrayed just the childhood whimsy that I was searching for. Plus, light blue and red have always been among my favorite color combinations. In fact, these days it seems to be my very favorite color combination (I let it show in this here blog of mine).

With the jacks in hand I set out to plan her party around them. And from there it just all came together.

The inspiration:

Keeping with the 'Jacks' theme, the paper goods mimicked the round balls (bowls) and the square jacks (plates). Perfect for morning breakfast and later on....cake!

Red balloons decorated the windows and floated freely around the house.

After discovering the jacks I revisited the gift wrap aisle. Suddenly, papers that hadn't inspired me much before took on a new life. Mixing and matching a few wraps and ribbons created a festive display of gifts:

We asked our local baker to decorate a cake with red polka dots (keeping with our theme). He had the idea of using sliced strawberries to compliment the strawberry filling inside. Mmmmm....

Lorelai's big gift:
A teeter totter

I think teeter totters (like Jack's) are just so classic.

And see that smile on Lorelai's face? That's what birthdays (and childhood) are all about.

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