Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Reward for Bravery

At the end of August, when Lorelai broke her arm, she displayed courage like we had never before seen. Our little girl - who has been known to huddle in a corner at the sight of blood - did not even cry when they put her IV in. The nurses were coming and going saying things like, 'with an x-ray like that, how is she not screaming?'

Donald and I were proud.

"Lorelai," we said, "You are so brave! When you get that cast off we are going to buy you that new scooter you have been wanting. A reward for bravery."

These are the things that 5 year olds do not forget.

So when that cast came off last week it was time to go pick out a shiny new scooter to match her shiny new arm:

(Just don't fall and break the other arm....)

***Happy 16th Birthday to my nephew, Matthew!! And happy driving, too!

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