Monday, October 25, 2010

A Very Fall Day

I just woke up to discover that it is a very stereotypical Fall day - blustery and overcast. The trees are going crazy outside, blowing this way and that; the red and gold leaves holding on for dear life, although I'm afraid it's going to be a losing battle.

Today I am in the mood to stay indoors and clean. Clean up, clean out, clean, clean, clean. The house is starting to feel a little too full of 'stuff'. I don't like 'stuff'. I like clean and simple. So whenever I start feeling sort of overwhelmed by 'stuff' I start cleaning out.

I also think today is the perfect day to bake. That way - when I am busy with all my sorting and organizing - I can smell delicious smells drifting through the house and even stop and have a warm and tasty treat.

Okay, I'm off to wake the children up. Because before I can set my plans into motion I need to get them dressed, fed, and off to school!

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