Thursday, November 4, 2010

After my soak in the tub...

[Picture completely unrelated to the post - Jennifer and I just thought it was hilarious!]

I love quiet evenings. After a full day of caring for my little ones I tuck them into bed and escape to my bathroom for a long soak in the tub. And yesterday a Pottery Barn Kids catalog came in the mail which made for excellent tub-reading material.

So I soaked in the tub, and then I put on my most comfortable pajamas, and then...and then...the phone rang.


"Hi Lisa, we are here practicing, are you going to come?"



I was supposed to be at the rehearsal for a wedding I am playing at this Saturday. And for some reason - even though I knew that our rehearsal was Wednesday night - all day long I had been thinking that it was the next night.

So I ran to my bedroom, threw back on my clothes, packed up my violin and left.

No big deal, right? ha! It was so embarrassing. I completely had everybody on hold. And because of my forgetfulness we didn't end rehearsing until 11:00. least I only got the rehearsal date mixed up and not the wedding, right?

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