Friday, January 6, 2012

All Braced Up!

Elisabeth received her leg braces yesterday (more commonly known as AFO's - or ankle-foot orthoses). They were supposed to arrive over a week ago, but you know how the holidays seem to slow everything down. But at long last they are here and we are so excited!

Elisabeth will wear them most of the day (she has different, softer braces that she wears at night). They will ensure that her feet don't start slipping back into their old ways and will provide her the extra stability and support she needs to start bearing some weight on her legs.

[The final fitting.]

[These pictures just don't do those AFO's justice - they have beautiful butterflies all over them. I'll have to see if I can snap some better photos.]

In other news, we are taking Elisabeth to Spokane today (or as Donald likes to say, Spokanistan). She's been a bit on the fussy side lately (the last time she acted like this it turned out that her shunt setting had been bumped to the wrong place - due to her head banging, no doubt). So we just need to rule out that her behavioral changes might be the trusty ol' shunt. Too bad it's a two hour drive to the neurosurgeon's office to get it checked. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

Speaking of the neurosurgeon, remember a few weeks ago when I was given the go-ahead from Dr. G to start moving normal again? Well, I started going out walking this week. At first I could really feel it in my back - it just felt a little...fragile. But last night I walked two miles and felt fantastic. And, guess what else!? Tomorrow is my first restorative yoga class over at Yoga Hut. I am so excited! Yes sirree...I am going to get this body of mine into shape. (Did I ever tell you that I tried doing a sit-up last week and couldn't even lift my back off the floor? Not doing anything for 12 weeks will do that to you I guess. Actually, it's probably a combination of being weak and figuring out how to move again.)

Enough rambling.

Off to Spokanistan!

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