Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day

[Me and Elisabeth, last night. ]
[I love having a forever baby. Elisabeth, at four years old, can still curl up into a snuggly little ball in my arms

We are in the midst of a four-day weekend at our house. And to make the most of this four-day weekend, I wrote out a list last Friday with a million-kajillion things to do on it. And, I'm proud to say, we have accomplished most of those said tasks.

Right now Donald is downstairs, busy making breakfast. He invited the neighbors over for a Presidents Day Brunch (and promises that he will have the house back to spotless afterwards).

Also - in honor of Presidents Day - Donald made a little deal with the girls: if they can recite all of the presidents - in order - they will earn $10 each. Now you must understand that our children are highly motivated by money; Alexandra especially. She has been walking around with a book about presidents tucked under her arm. Last night at bedtime she announced that she was ready to give it a go, so we told her that she could recite them during breakfast today. And Lorelai's not too far behind her, last I heard she had twenty or so of them memorized.

Happy Presidents Day!

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