Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Successful Fusion

Yesterday, Elisabeth and I had appointments with our neurosurgeon in Spokane. I love these dual appointments...there's nothing better than killing two birds with one stone.

First we talked about my spine.

Dr. G said, "So how do you feel? Any numbness, tingling, sharp pains?"

"I feel perfect," I replied.

"Well, your spine looks perfect too, come take a look," he said.

So we went into his office and he showed me the x-ray they had just done of my back. We compared it to the x-ray from October and he showed me how beautifully my spine has filled in.

"This is a successful fusion," Dr. G told me.

Then we chatted a bit more about yoga, and about the fact that when I sit on the floor with my legs out in front of me I can't bend forward, my back just stops (a fusion will do that to you). We also talked about the level underneath my fusion and how I need to be careful so that it doesn't succumb to the same fate as my L-4 - L-5.

But Dr. G thinks I'll be okay, "If you were 72 I'd be worried", he said, "but you're still young, I think you'll be fine."

And in case you are fascinated by spines like I am these days, here's my x-ray:

Doesn't my fusion look fabuloso!?!

Then we moved on to Elisabeth's half of the appointment. She has big news. Huge news.

I'll tell you about it tomorrow...

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