Monday, April 2, 2012

Pleading for Relief

Today marks 10 days. 10 days since Elisabeth started writhing in pain. I've noticed in the past 2 days that her scream has diminished into a continual cry; a whimper, begging - pleading - for relief. But her eyes are still the same; they are filled with anguish and fear. I feel almost as if she can't fight it anymore, like she is giving into the up.

I am desperate for an answer. With every test that comes back perfect I feel a stinging in my heart. And I wonder, what happens when we run out of options? What happens when we have exhausted every possibility? How can she live like this?
Will she live like this?

But today is a new day and there will be two new doctors to examine her. Maybe one of them will have a idea...a solution. Perhaps today will be the day.

I hope.

[Photographs by Misty Dawn Photography]

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