Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Queen Elisabeth has the Giggles

Elisabeth's sense of humor is back!

It's been months and months and months since we've been able to make her laugh. I remember when she was younger (2-3 yrs old), she would start laughing whenever anyone would sneeze - so of course we would purposefully make sneezing sounds all day just to get her giggling.

Sometime in the last year she stopped laughing much and things like sneezes no longer amused her. We are wondering now how long that original shunt had been 'bad' for - perhaps it was irritating her and thus we saw changes in her behavior?

Regardless, a few days ago somebody in our house sneezed - and lo and behold, Elisabeth laughed! She did, she did!!! So we've been [pretend] sneezing at her ever since. Oh, how her giggle just lights up the world!

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