Monday, May 7, 2012

Get to the Point

We've had a pencil problem at our house for the last year or so. All because we had a completely inadequate mechanical pencil sharpener. 

See exhibit A:


At best it would give a pencil a dull tip with which to write - at best

See exhibit B:


It's been one of those things that we think about every time we need to sharpen a pencil, 'Man, we really need a new one of these.' And then we'd forget about it...until another pencil needed sharpening. 

I am proud to announce though, that the Sorenson family has finally remedied the situation. Not only have we purchased ourselves a new sharpener, but we went old school: a hand cranked, desk-mounted pencil sharpener - in green to match our study.

See exhibit C:



It works like a charm. 

See exhibit D:


Just wanted to point that out to you.

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