Tuesday, July 24, 2012

While They Were Away...

I found myself home alone with Queen Elisabeth on Friday night; Donald and the girls had packed up the van and gone camping.

I relished in the beauty of a night to myself. 

(Because QE isn't too much work.) 
((Ya right))

 So here's how it all went down:


Put on my favorite symphony - Beethoven's 7th.


 Folded some paper cranes, because that's what we do around these parts.  


Took Elisabeth on a bike ride


Ordered Chinese food and had it delivered to the house.  


Did a little bit of reading.


Home yoga  practice.

 And that's where the magic stopped. Queen Elisabeth set in with one of her episodes. It was horrible - horrible I tell you. Watching her, it was as if she wanted to escape her body. It's been months of this and we have all grown a little tired

However, I think (knock on wood) that we are about to turn a corner. Donald and I have taken matters into our own hands and our sweet little Elisabeth might be her old self again real soon. 
(Details coming.)

Also...don't forget that there are a few of Alexadra's paper crane garlands listed in my shop. She had several custom orders come in yesterday and she spent the entire day folding origami and stringing it all together. She just finished up a blue and yellow one; it's lovely. I will photograph it this morning and get it listed for sale...so be sure to check it out! 

Details on Alexandra's paper crane business here.

And go here to buy one for your home!

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