Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sometimes, in the storms of life, tender mercies occur; sweet moments where you can see beyond the current struggle and relish in a beautiful miracle. 

Elisabeth has been suffering lately. There have been moments where she is comfortable (see below) or where we have her drugged enough that she thinks she is comfortable, but mostly she hurts. 

However, this past weekend a small miracle occurred: Elisabeth said another word! 

For those keeping track, that brings her vocabulary to a total of three words! 

1) Again 
2) Mama 

And her third word is.... home

What a beautiful word. A word that for her is extremely significant. You see, her life is spent away sometimes; in hospitals and doctors offices. Those are places of uncertainty - where scary things can happen.

But home...home is safe.
Home is familiar.
Home is happy

(Do you see that rug? Is that not the most splendid rug ever? A fellow hydro-mom, Dana, sent it to Elisabeth. It is just what our family room needed - the very thing. Thanks, Dana!) 

(Can you see the look on her face after she repeats a word? She knows she has done something big!)

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