Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seattle Children's Hospital

On Tuesday, Elisabeth was taken four hours by ambulance from our home town to Seattle Children's Hospital. She had started vomiting in her sleep and we were not able to wake her.

Upon our arrival they did a CT which showed enlarged ventricles (yet again). Her shunt setting was off (yet again), causing a build up of cerebral spinal fluid.

Elisabeth continued to sleep and vomit all day Tuesday and partway into Wednesday.

Another CT done yesterday showed ventricles returning to her normal. (Four CT's since Friday if you're keeping track).

So that's the deal with the shunt.

However, aside from that there is still a big problem with Elisabeth. For more than two months now she has spent hours on end every day thrashing in pain and agony. Last night, the doctors here at Seattle Children's witnessed one of these episodes. It's heartbreaking and shocking to see firsthand - almost like a person being tortured. Neurosurgery doesn't think it's shunt related and is calling in neurology today to look at her.

Details to come as I have them.

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