Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A New Guitar

Alexandra received her first guitar on Christmas Day, 2011 - not even a year and a half ago. Well, a few months back that guitar started to look a little on the small side. Her teacher kept encouraging us to purchase Alexandra a larger one...but we kept putting it off and putting it off (not like there aren't a million other things draining our bank account - medical bills, taxes (yesterday, ugh), and of course, the adoption). But it finally got to the point that we couldn't ignore the guitar situation any longer. We took Alexandra to a local music store where she tried several guitars until she found just the right one:

  photo bbcfccfa-3c8a-4d54-a592-74f0d17be9f8_zps9595c996.jpg  photo 148a13e1-eb5d-4672-bf13-78eec6f97040_zps6d102f32.jpg  photo dc824f81-f52b-4b73-baaa-90be4d3ac4e1_zps986e970e.jpg 

And while Alexandra tested out different guitars, her sisters did this:

  photo d39bf690-c811-4783-beeb-84acb3bdc743_zps3401e446.jpg  photo 5f133dfd-ccc8-43a4-bdbc-730eeef691e4_zps9aa07f8b.jpg  photo 338becae-5423-41d2-9e8c-6cb28a3e1ee7_zpsd0fafeb3.jpg  photo b42e1c4b-6920-4ea9-b57f-014b0dd72dc6_zps6aa29170.jpg 

It's a keeper!

  photo 9f0d5296-d846-4069-b37f-989e25c1e639_zps4cf27714.jpg 

Here's a little comparison between the little guitar and the new one. Plus some gymnastics/dancing from Lorelai. And don't miss Elisabeth in the background!

Now, take a look at what Lorelai put together:
  photo a7fe2344-76ec-4d15-a46b-c031a7e998a8_zps565b01ba.jpg 

Two nights ago I walked into the family room and found that Lorelai had laid all these cranes out in a row and was getting ready to thread them into a garland. 

She did a fine job, no? 

I think the color pattern is genius. And what a sweet girl to want to help raise money for the adoption. Alexandra and Lorelai are so excited to have a new sister!

 photo acfdf81b-3929-4308-83f6-2aaf8db7b3f9_zps64aa9b72.jpg 

If you are interested in purchasing this paper crane garland for $10.00, please click here to visit my shop.

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