Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Ponytail on the Queen

Elisabeth's hair is finally long enough to fit into a ponytail.
It's quite becoming on her, I would say.
 photo 946ee184-71ad-4096-9a44-72f0d8311fa8_zps2a6fde10.jpg
[If you look behind Elisabeth's ear you can easily see the outline of her shunt beneath the skin.]

 photo 4dcc3418-40b1-4f85-9adc-3a49c04e481c_zps180e60a4.jpg  photo 37a63c5c-7e82-4e37-bc90-6efbaf4867fc_zps7a6fd8b8.jpg  photo 2aecdfff-b8af-481b-ae67-75668fd8b8c6_zpse854f8a1.jpg

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