Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Future Olympian 2020

Fast as a 
 photo bc425b0e-dd36-49e0-9e8a-076a5251ed36_zps3a8b1c3b.jpg
[Notice the grin on her face; Lorelai is made to race!]

Let me tell you something about Lorelai Leigh. Lorelai Leigh is fast. Oh so fast. She has never lost a race.  So when we heard about a track and field camp for kids her age we knew she had to participate.

The Chariots of Fire theme song was singing through my head as I watched Lorelai run. She beat every other kid by about a third of the length they were racing.

This girl has speed, I tell you!

 photo 63d4c698-12be-4db7-b4dd-9e994481ed5d_zps6b55099a.jpg  photo 04d7363d-6669-4e5e-8129-8fd0747273e8_zps7caff70b.jpg  photo ea4cd431-9de7-49f8-bf59-a0e7b81454d1_zpsbac9969f.jpg

Track meet is on Thursday - I'll post results here on Friday!

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