Monday, August 26, 2013

Ethiopia in Review: Part I

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Saying goodbye to my babies.
I managed to keep smiling...until we drove away:

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We had a layover in Germany and then boarded our flight to Addis Ababa with a brief stop in Sudan. As the plane landed in Sudan we looked out and saw a most depressing looking city...there was even a full sized passenger plane that had crashed on the side of the runway. It looked like it had been there a looooong time. A young boy sitting near us saw it and said with sarcasm, "Now that's reassuring."

   photo 189ca8c8-9188-4be6-a13a-bf8deaae95b3_zps2b2fef63.jpg  photo 8c6c9d7b-ec07-4766-99c7-53851b06fb02_zps1ad9369b.jpg
Standing in Ethiopia for the first time.

We stayed at a 4 star hotel. We were warned against anything less. The contrast between the hotel and its surroundings was shocking.
  photo f65f2acd-bfe0-4101-8c73-243742c01b3d_zpsb36fd1f5.jpg  photo c134e5af-5bad-4af9-a889-42a2e891c102_zpsdca8de12.jpg
  photo d88500c5-3161-4aee-af55-b44b89920611_zps890d17b5.jpg  photo bae25e5d-9cc7-490a-a3e8-738bf3d136bb_zps04677cff.jpg  photo 98b9d53a-4d2d-4242-87c2-e82acdc53bae_zpse5a2fab2.jpg  photo 8220d9db-b5cc-4b61-8356-6278ef5e1f05_zps2ce130a6.jpg  photo 593e40c8-06ca-4ebd-be03-e14144c95fbe_zps199ed0ae.jpg  photo 18bac86e-c55f-430f-893a-846459354b63_zps220222f7.jpg  photo 198cee1c-8e77-4cfe-abca-2851874c074e_zps4f792cc9.jpg

 photo 7a275a86-93c9-413c-a4a4-c145b4f304b7_zps783e486a.jpg  photo 4e40598a-60f9-4783-adab-7f7ab04be68b_zps42a4666d.jpg

Now...for a few more pictures of Elsa...
 photo e99078bc-e688-4d4b-9cf9-6bdb25ebd415_zps8a2fc1d6.jpg
[Elsa, showing the other children at the orphanage pictures of her new home, here in Washington.]

 photo 5d0b93be-d07c-4908-a61b-3a821fa2e8eb_zpsfd57d87c.jpg
[Elsa with one of her nannies and a friend 
(sorry...not allowed to show their images on social media...thus the stars!]

  photo 903d774e-a58d-4a68-b250-17fe82b3c03e_zps58e5c37f.jpg  photo fcaf4c89-8f5e-44d1-bd3d-915917262823_zpsa2691d93.jpg  photo a3680a64-4366-4e16-b565-59e1d6d24f8e_zpsa6f475f7.jpg  photo eec9083a-fde3-4f5f-847f-3e44b00511c6_zps44493ba8.jpg 
I miss her. I can't wait to go back and bring her home.

Still to come...Part II

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