Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little E's Bedroom!

 photo 3ed93295-c45a-4233-8e87-08d404c3e01d_zps4fa5e4d8.jpg 
[Little E's new bed.]

So...remember a week or two ago when I said we weren't going to be assigned a court date until after the rainy season? 

Yeah...well...things changed. 

On Monday morning we received a call to let us know that we are due in court - in Ethiopia - next week! 

We immediately bought tickets, reserved a hotel room, and have been going through a to-do list a million miles long...because we leave tomorrow!! Tomorrow!! I am going to Africa tomorrow! This is absolutely surreal. And what's more - I am going to meet my new daughter! On Monday! I have imagined that moment in my mind over and over. I can't believe the day is almost here!

 photo 0ce90c93-b260-41b8-a3e8-ff2da6021cd0_zps8c640818.jpg 
[Lorelai's bed on the left, Little E's is on the right.]

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