Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Day I Met Elsa

Nothing quite compares to the anticipation of meeting a new child. What will their personality be like? What talents will they possess? What will they achieve and accomplish? You think about milestones, the first day of school, recitals, dances, family vacations; an endless list of possibilities, hopes, and dreams. The future, just sitting there - its story waiting to be told.

On Monday, the 12th of August, 2013, I awoke with the joyous knowledge that I was going to meet my daughter, Elsa. It was almost overwhelming to think that one small moment in time would be the beginning of forever; to know that my life from that point forward would always include her.

We arrived at the orphanage at 10:00 am. As we pulled through the gate I gazed up at the building, almost in disbelief. A year after seeing her picture for the first time, I was here, looking at her home, knowing that she was just inside the door.

[Meeting Elsa for the first time.]

You can see that she was a bit nervous, but before the day was over we had shared photographs...

 photo cfbcfb67-0f4f-4077-bf76-a5ce13603757_zps30ed69c2.jpg

... and taught her how to use our phones to play games and take pictures.

 photo b2fb6faf-4dd7-4ad0-837e-3f72e62c16e4_zps0937f6e3.jpg

We practiced the alphabet...

 photo eaf7f327-2030-4f5c-82f2-c303b4b6b440_zpseaf2d61a.jpg

And we laughed...

 photo 746f6c7b-4949-4779-8f43-be4fe7f1b6a7_zpsa9ccaf16.jpg

Indeed, by the end of that first day we knew she was ours, and she knew we were hers.

 photo a7a6d785-f206-48fa-af4d-225a176f74cc_zpsd7525833.jpg 

***Side note: In the video above, Elsa states that she is four years old. She was taught that due to an inaccurate birth record. She is - obviously - older than four. Yesterday we submitted for a revised birth certificate and changed her age to six. We can't be sure this is her actual age, but it is definitely a closer estimate!

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