Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back-to-School Night

  photo e738b187-1fcd-4162-8897-b3d01bd21c63_zps82df1111.jpg

 Lorelai had a little booklet on her desk. Inside, I found these pages:
  photo 0707035d-630a-42c7-a6c6-65bdcda70de7_zps2208b1e7.jpg  photo 3c7ea22b-7f32-40a2-b9b0-97368ed2345d_zps630040a9.jpg
Notice the family portrait - Elsa's there!

And look at that - I'm one of Lorelai's hero's!!!!

  photo caefe1c9-d349-420f-844e-17c660070c19_zps175dd2f4.jpg

 photo e9377170-9e61-49c0-97c6-85e4264f2561_zps786ace82.jpg  photo 0f799dae-592c-48ab-adbc-2cca56c513be_zps4278e911.jpg

Alexandra, showing off her water cup:
  photo f2678bd7-e7b8-41fd-aa30-f3db0ce06366_zps32f7b6c3.jpg

She tells me this little water cup is supposed to last her the entire year!
I said..."that's it, you're getting a plastic cup for your birthday."
 (I'm serious.)

  photo e2866954-10f1-4298-a39d-a86e433089a2_zps707763ab.jpg 

 Back-to-School night, the perfect time to take over the white board: photo 77b4b5de-c633-4836-864b-fe1448f2d178_zpsdfe2759b.jpg

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