Friday, November 29, 2013

First Lost Tooth (on American Soil)

Elsa has lost a tooth!

I repeat, she has lost a tooth!

 photo 89571566-e875-4e6a-ae84-c5137f81613d_zpsf7676bc9.jpg 
First she wiggled it.

  photo 9cbef9f7-1e29-4d46-82d7-8240d01145e4_zpsd87082d8.jpg 
And then Daddy stepped in to add a little more man-power.

  photo 4ee701ce-a4ae-4625-bcb1-41f137ea691c_zpsaf3ac08c.jpg 
It's out!

  photo 056a18d4-f1ad-43b4-a514-09c117f2cbc1_zpsd3d20535.jpg 
And then Alexandra and Lorelai gave her a quick tutorial on things like tooth pillows and tooth fairies and money.

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