Monday, November 4, 2013

In Response to Critics

"To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing."

Tonight while we were eating dinner, Donald mentioned that some people in his workplace are being quite negative towards our adoption. They have gone so far as to vandalize posters promoting an adoption fundraiser. Apparently - according to them - we should have adopted a child from the United States.

After dinner I pondered more on the subject, how something that I see as good can be viewed in a negative way by others. I thought back beyond the adoption to an encounter I had with a woman several years ago. She told me how selfish I was for choosing to keep Elisabeth rather than abort her; how Elisabeth will be nothing more than a burden to society.

It caused me to wonder how many people look down on me for the choices I have made?

Not an hour later I sat down in front of my fireplace with a book. The first thing I read was the quote above by Aristotle. "Fitting," I thought.

The truth is that no matter what I do - no matter what anyone does - there will be opposition; people with different views and opinions. And that's our human right - to have individual thoughts and ideas. So if you please, go ahead and grumble at our international adoption. And while you're at it, insult me for bringing a handicapped child into the world.

As for me - I intend to carry on. To keep saying and doing and being. Because I can
And because it makes me happy.

 photo 2cce6352-08f8-451c-a79a-c278a394c21f_zpsc7792b2b.jpg  photo 0bd2bc17-db24-43fa-8a71-beb929aace20_zpsb40935e5.jpg 
[Me and my handicapped child + me and my Ethiopian child. A double whammy! Bam!]

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