Monday, December 23, 2013


Christmastime means traditions. Lots and lots of traditions. To my family these traditions are long lasting and familiar, repeated year after year. But to Elsa, they are all new, each and every one.

Here are some of the Christmas traditions (and plain ol' Christmas-time-musts) that we have introduced her to this month:

~Buying/Trimming the tree
~Decorating the house
~Watching Christmas movies
~Driving around looking at lights
~Listening to old records
~Singing carols
~Reading Christmas books
~Decorating a gingerbread house

That's a lot to take in when it is all new. Sometimes I try to put myself in Elsa's shoes and imagine what it must be like...but I really have no idea. So I just watch her, and see the wonder and amazement in her eyes, and feel grateful to be witnessing it all firsthand.

 photo 80b9b5ed-f0a0-4fcf-ac8f-b982ef9a92d9_zpsbc194cf6.jpg  photo 3000a141-27fe-4535-a1bc-286df7411129_zps4b55c934.jpg  photo e7b7df71-9476-4c40-92d6-3e15716f2513_zps83e61acf.jpg  photo c2ac93a9-2ce9-4c05-b67e-6dc8c34b8953_zps10d4f7ef.jpg

Most importantly, we have been teaching her about the birth of Christ.
 I really got a kick out of this coloring page she did depicting the nativity scene:

 photo c11b78fa-c7c8-4804-9a60-872f75dc300f_zpseea93b76.jpg

It's almost Christmas!!!

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