Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Post About iPods and Snoring

Every morning after I drop the children off at school I come home and do a quick tidy-up of the house. This includes going from room to room making beds.

When I get to Elsa's bed it usually looks something like this:

  photo 7025621c-0c2e-4a0c-9455-d0b3905f689c_zps006e52c7.jpg
[As you can see, she takes very good care of her dolls.]

More often than not, when I lift up her pillow, I will find her iPod hidden underneath:  photo 3741d140-975e-4565-8433-0db9e68ca00c_zps54ab08ef.jpg

I'm not quite sure why she does it. Perhaps it's because she's never had anything of her own before and she wants to keep them safe and sound. That's a guess, anyways.

After I straighten her sheets and blankets I carefully arrange her beloved dolls and iPod along with her pillows. They are there to greet her when she returns from school:

 photo ee78d028-3c35-4822-b4d1-67597a72cb98_zps08415b6f.jpg  photo 1da8bd24-4133-44d1-81e9-8ed110ac24ba_zps38fd1c90.jpg 

Speaking of beds, Lorelai had to move (temporarily) out of her shared room with Elsa and onto an air mattress in the computer room:
  photo 9acefb31-b32b-4185-9d7d-cd06336ec2aa_zps146944d8.jpg 

You see, Elsa snores reeeeeeeally loud. Really, really loud. So loud that Lorelai can't sleep a wink. 

Elsa went to the pediatrician a few weeks ago. As soon as the doctor looked in her mouth she asked, "Does she snore?"  

Turns out, Elsa needs to have her tonsils removed. Once they are out the snoring should cease. (Fingers crossed!)

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