Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kids Will Be Kids

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Yesterday Elsa didn't eat her breakfast. It sat, untouched, even though I told her over and over again that she needed to eat. It wasn't that she wasn't hungry, because she told me the moment she woke up that she was. She simply didn't want to eat it.

I didn't discover said full-bowl until after she was gone to school, so I decided that when she returned home she would be the recipient of one of my world-famous-lectures. I've mentioned those before, right? Of course this time I would be giving one that I have given many times over to her big sisters. The kind that starts something like this, "There are many starving children in the world and it is disrespectful to them to let food go to waste...."

As I said those words to her I couldn't help but realize the irony; that she, a very short time ago was one of those children. What it really goes to show is that kids are kids. I always blamed Alexandra and Lorelai's somewhat-spoiled-ways on the fact that they had never gone without; that they had always had their every need and want. But now I know that it must be human nature to get ... oh shall I say ... picky.

Elsa was very receptive to my lecture and was quite apologetic for refusing her breakfast. She gave me a big hug and promised to always eat the food I provide for her. Then I did the only thing that was left to do - I made her another bowl of oatmeal. ;)

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