Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Mama Can Braid

I did it! And let me tell you - it was not easy. Elsa's hair is so short that I could barely manage it with my fingers. Plus, every time I would part her hair it would boing back like no part ever existed. But...I persevered and I am pleased as punch with how it turned out! I mean, it is far from perfect, but for a first try I would say it is admirable - especially considering my white-mama status.


   photo 726d6da3-8bae-4810-bc23-6a06fa5c570e_zpsd669316a.jpg


  photo 1ace5f0b-9a47-4588-a968-91964f18b7fb_zps18b5e6f3.jpg  photo e9331722-53af-4000-9ae6-0738ddc0c193_zps075ffca3.jpg

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