Friday, March 28, 2014

Shirley Temple: The Next Generation

Here's the thing: 
Elisabeth hates getting her hair combed.

Here's the other thing: 
I hate for my children to look like street urchins.

So, usually I just do something simple with Elisabeth's mop of curls - a couple of pigtails, or a single ponytail in the back. I've found that it is much more practical to keep her hair up. Otherwise it easily gets tangled and matted since she spends so much time laying down.

I got to thinking about how lovely her curls were, though, and how I would love to see Elisabeth with a head of ringlets. Lorelai also has the perfect hair to hold ringlets....but she has become such a tomboy that she won't consider such a thing anymore! (Remember four years ago when she was my model for a ringlet tutorial?)

So I decided to go ahead and put Elisabeth's hair into curls. I probably won't do it often; my goal for her life is to make sure she is always comfortable and happy - and putting her through the torture of having her hair styled isn't worth it. But it was fun for a day! She looked like a little Shirley Temple!

 photo 385303da-4d9a-4ce0-9512-d7a345bf17ec_zps27bc6603.jpg  photo f0c8f055-fbd5-4b75-9d5b-35530020de2a_zpsfaa77182.jpg  photo af25ff35-574b-42df-9efc-fffdfe5dbb4e_zps4abcba3d.jpg  photo e24c0a17-7703-4307-80ce-1131cf894875_zpscd4b59a0.jpg

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