Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Review: Part II

I'll tell you what, one of the best parts of adopting a child from a far off land has been watching her reactions to holidays. First there was Thanksgiving...and then Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. Leading up to Easter we started teaching Elsa about its significance as well as fun traditions like baskets, bunnies, and dyed eggs. Needless to say, she thought Easter was absolutely fabulous!

Elsa, dyeing Easter Eggs with her sisters for the very first time:

 photo d2ca46ad-973e-45ba-8e02-bd10e7f3e4a3_zps4ebe185e.jpg  photo 73162434-4c9a-4558-a8ad-0698a578bfcd_zps35504104.jpg  photo 4a2b50f5-318a-42e0-86e7-4be3b24e01eb_zpseffed668.jpg  photo 5ca4cd35-8d6c-4b19-9ddb-153917e0c53b_zps425e4a4a.jpg  photo ed22857b-b3e4-4ba6-a48f-f67b4bad8a9c_zpse09bb3ac.jpg  photo efe3b3e5-281a-4ea8-9c4b-fff9bd765bc0_zps35fdb846.jpg

As is tradition, the children woke up to find small
chocolate eggs hidden all over the house, like so:

  photo b7774a98-95cc-4264-a235-eb36a26d22a6_zps4a50270e.jpg  photo fb6ccfb1-e3a1-4d64-8331-f76c00ed1f09_zpsdd6a21bb.jpg  photo ba176e34-77ad-400d-9e21-cd50c93ead13_zps47ab8da1.jpg  photo 9385a67b-a961-4996-8785-526bef1d0275_zps0e8c59ac.jpg  photo f3e7990d-bc8a-4197-bfc5-76d4a8d46876_zps246ab59b.jpg  photo 619a0605-f355-42cd-9d0b-aa438a607e20_zpscb60aaed.jpg 

 And then...they were off on a hunt!:
 photo 2c109317-dad0-4d7c-87db-672fa78b28f5_zps9a424da4.jpg  photo 0f7b1605-bd44-48e2-b4b7-c91e87e7048c_zpsaa13618f.jpg  photo fca897c9-2ed0-45cb-9e10-2fcd67de318a_zpsca0132e6.jpg  photo 14ffe351-214f-4d22-920f-ef9555ececbd_zps306bd67e.jpg  photo 62047a57-d00c-4480-b1eb-7d7452e51f60_zps17a9f79f.jpg 

"The Easter Bunny must be very big."

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