Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Gallery of Car Selfies

The girls and I seem to have a thing for car-selfies. Maybe it's because it seems that's where we spend a majority of our time these days - driving here there and everywhere (school, gymnastics, guitar, rehearsals, etc, etc, etc,). These daily snapshots sort of document our lives:

  photo ec762caf-adf5-4911-96c8-0a667ad6f916_zps03d4a0ba.jpg
[I love that Brigitta made it into this one.]

   photo 514442ca-c1ad-4a75-8ae7-1d0a2bee4b73_zps6e5c89dc.jpg
 [Pay no attention to Elisabeth's headpiece. I quickly learned that with her microcephaly (small head), headbands simply don't work.]

  photo 78583fe0-ee0e-4bc9-be34-c074b50f1890_zpsb9e80dd0.jpg
[Beware of bunny ears.]

  photo 80591c32-a42f-4526-875b-c73d2cc497bc_zps74f3437a.jpg
[Brigitta made the morning shot again.]

 photo 5dd3b6be-2e1a-4bfc-bd22-6d100a9f8450_zpsbf8ecfb0.jpg 

  photo 782d7677-422d-44dc-a7b2-f602221417d6_zpse5528291.jpg
[Missing one child.]

  photo 65d564f6-4fff-47e1-9600-52bb1119ca63_zpsa00d5c2e.jpg
[Missing two children. (But there's Brigitta again.)]

 photo bad26731-76ef-4cf1-8934-e78af5c2784e_zps1942cb52.jpg


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