Sunday, May 4, 2014

Elsa's Birthday Review, Part 5: The Party

For Elsa's first ever birthday party, we went back to the basics.

 Basics includes - but is not limited to:

 1. Pass the Parcel photo d5398f19-bd11-49e1-95fb-76ba9ed1a45b_zpsc6c9769b.jpg  photo 079493c1-8eef-4b39-b105-218950e7256d_zpsadf3d771.jpg  photo 02a18a0b-f823-41ad-8fae-f4648f4ba772_zps24802f06.jpg

2. Egg on a Spoon Relay Race
  photo bf1caf14-5baf-48ce-8183-a3893b40c656_zpsd1731315.jpg  photo a1ee04b8-09f5-4549-a110-fe4e895dee25_zps0b23fcd1.jpg  photo 1f7ba8d2-8eae-42e3-888b-1d0a05644a6e_zpsc24a42dd.jpg  photo 2adf2b97-db52-41d8-a8be-840f4bd0ab07_zps38fbef26.jpg

3. Three Legged Race  photo 30c1f2b9-165d-4eca-831a-0c7f48cbed76_zps32660bd4.jpg  photo 9f0ef4e2-58f2-48fe-ab4c-dcec7cedf819_zpse6ff956c.jpg  photo 6090d851-e2b5-480e-b0b8-d7217fadf7c1_zps0921e643.jpg  photo c8737a5b-df2c-4dc3-bf99-7d5a09f71c3a_zps9c82ca4d.jpg  photo ddb32f25-e8b7-429d-a689-2b36d22b5922_zps0598a6be.jpg

4. A Pinata
  photo 1b4bdc60-e39c-40ec-94ec-19649ff14ef6_zps0985372d.jpg  photo 29970f4e-65b9-4f4d-9911-9400712afad0_zps65ef9233.jpg  photo f8ede213-20bf-4125-bd9d-d47e5636056a_zps6a40374c.jpg  photo ee8aaded-2701-41ae-82df-d4c771205bac_zps87ca0fbe.jpg  photo 8cfb116b-a5c8-47f2-b0d6-f22eca0996f2_zps24230969.jpg

5. Gifts
 photo 5a31a904-aee2-460d-8ca6-d4715233bc83_zps39c9524e.jpg  photo c852cf99-6061-411a-a3e3-7c5af208a3d8_zps92074039.jpg  photo 221c6dc1-fff3-4d9d-9bbf-567c617fdefb_zpsfdb13fc2.jpg  photo b6f68f7b-ea80-4964-924e-b71a57ce884d_zps5c599333.jpg

6. Cake
 photo b8fb42aa-7f3a-4635-b6db-684771d2e783_zps37854c9d.jpg

It was almost the perfect party. I say almost because of the silly ol' wind. Oh, how it blew and blew! We had a tough time getting the candles to a) light and b) stay lit long enough for Elsa to blow them out. The wind also forced me to cancel one of the games that was not wind-friendly. But despite the wind, I think everyone had fun. And most importantly, I think Elsa felt extremely happy and extremely special.
And with that, this - Elsa's 7th birthday-  is officially wrapped up! 
 photo 13b25c7d-c03c-43f2-b0a5-be087653faad_zps4e00cbbc.jpg
Don't mind that the unicorn is hanging by its neck, we had to improvise...

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