Monday, May 12, 2014

I Am Not Brave, Part 2

For Mother's Day, each of the girls presented me with a "Mom's Gazette" which they had customized, like so:

 photo 0f3bcdd3-1e6f-435b-8559-bf80059935ba_zpse8238207.jpg

Of course, when Alexandra gave me hers, she laughed and laughed, waiting for me to discover what she found so uncontrollably funny. Then I spotted it:

  photo 6a5455b6-126a-43ab-a2b3-551dcbe72a65_zpsd7507f8d.jpg 

The check box for Brave had intentionally been left blank. I let my jaw drop and looked over at Lex with a pretend look of 'how could you'? Then we both busted up laughing together. Little does she know that I actually wrote a post once and titled it, I Am Not Brave

So I guess she and I are in agreement.

  photo 24a0d970-0fb4-4c4a-ae89-4ae85d3f4105_zps0eb2c6d7.jpg 

  photo 9dee3e56-d961-4a15-b5b7-05ab44290057_zps9d2a2da3.jpg

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