Friday, May 30, 2014

Jesus vs. Elsa

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[I walked by a tree at the nursery a few days ago and saw this cherry hanging all by its lonesome. 
I snapped this picture and thought it turned out beautifully!]

A few Elsa quotes from yesterday:


"I am glad I came here. I have a good family."

I pretty much melted when she said that during dinner. I am grateful that she has adjusted so easily to life here in America and in our home.


"Does Jesus have powers?" "Yes," I answered, to which she responded, "Like Elsa?"

To be clear, she is referring to Elsa from Frozen. Hearing her relate Jesus to Elsa totally had me chuckling.


"I like being Ethiopian, but I wish a had light skin and long hair."

First of all, hearing her say something positive about her Ethiopian heritage is new progress. Since moving here, she has wanted nothing to do with Ethiopia... would even shudder at the mention of it. So I am thrilled that she is at a point where she can love life here in America, but not turn her back on her roots. 

Second, I took the opportunity not only to tell her how beautiful she is, but to teach her that it makes no difference what color your skin is, but rather what's in your heart, how you treat others, what you do with your life, etc. In the end, she understood - and more importantly - agreed.

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