Monday, June 2, 2014

The New Hospital + Lisa's Finishing School Part 10

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Here is the funny things about me, I get excited - really excited - about things like hospitals. I guess that's what happens when you have a child with a list of medical complications 10 miles long. Over the last year I have watched as a new hospital was built just minutes from my home. On Saturday, we attended the community open house to get a full tour before it opens to the public next month.

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[The girls, enjoying cupcakes and standing in front of a cake that replicates the hospital building. 
It was quite impressive!]

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[Hooray for new hospitals!]

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[Elisabeth says, "What good is this to me if there is no pediatric neurosurgery dept??????]

In other news...

I took Lex and Elsa to a viola performance at the Battelle Audiorium. It was of special interest to me, seeing as I have been focusing more on my own viola skills these days. Let me was fantcastic. For the life of me I can't figure out why viola always plays second fiddle to the violin. The deep, soothing tone is simply so pleasing to the ears. It was an absolute treat of a concert.

 photo 665ef612-7be9-4972-8049-5a1f5ad36bdf_zps04b0fd92.jpg  photo aa86bff6-cd71-4239-ba45-5f3d9333ac98_zps5b6a9a3f.jpg  photo 9ed4d566-a9d5-4831-a58f-e822aa53a3e5_zpsde9577a7.jpg 
[Outside the auditorium.]

Still to come - Elsa's first visit to the waterpark!!!
(It was quite a weekend, I'll tell ya!)

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