Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Down and Up

Last night there was a mother/daughter swim party over at our friends house. I settled into a lawn chair with Elisabeth and the big girls jumped into the pool. A little while later I looked over and saw Elsa lounging and eating a hot dog! I couldn't believe it! She had refused almost all food for an entire week, and there she was, eating a hot dog!

  photo 99b36b29-9070-43ac-97d4-933d2de53fe9_zpsc5ac55c9.jpg

A few minutes later she got up and Lorelai helped her get floaties on:

  photo 9b418943-f80f-408f-b0df-213d1884da6c_zps80b62344.jpg  photo c0835c43-b354-488a-a7bf-48cb72a38b79_zps7db9902f.jpg

And in they went:

  photo 769fe385-f069-4552-b07b-f24e6db6ab33_zps5ef8345a.jpg

Not long after, Elsa exited the pool and vomited everywhere.

Moral of the story:

If you haven't eaten for a week, it's probably not a good idea to down an entire hotdog and then go swimming on top of it. 

Your stomach just isn't going to handle that well.
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