Friday, July 11, 2014

Fourth of July Recap: Finale

Ice Cream. Sparklers. 
Quilt. The Sound of Music. 
French Toast. BBQ.

Some final photo's from our Fourth of July weekend:
 photo 2cfc01c4-3abe-4967-902a-09c91e21a6b3_zps38dd98e1.jpg
My niece, Daria, sewed this quilt for our family and surprised us with it. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for snuggling is evident in the picture above.

  photo 7ac9b39a-5ad4-4c80-b5d6-0d58accf61bc_zps88faf940.jpg  photo 8e2fd74e-07e6-4b7d-b048-b162b0c44ff5_zps09759102.jpg  photo 19265957-a875-4a54-b57d-d1f3e8962316_zpse4f3430d.jpg  photo d4dbaec9-e9c7-400e-8295-9db008595862_zpscaed1484.jpg  photo af1e16be-16a2-4dbb-88c1-5d143ce44e0b_zps42074093.jpg  photo 615596d3-0c4f-4178-8c1b-e2e7296d4605_zps06f21c46.jpg  photo 117db161-8e35-4100-a75f-8ec7238ac85b_zpse60fa238.jpg 

It was another first holiday for Elsa Lelise. 
She pretty much thought the Fourth of July was fabulous!
  photo 37859277-6ddd-4c64-bf68-bd5ffc68d60f_zps24f806ad.jpg 

It was a very busy, non-stop kind of weekend. 
But, I think perhaps my favorite moment was this quiet little one...

  photo 16eaa80c-6caa-4c16-a036-b963f89c0a45_zpsf9f2717f.jpg 

...where I discovered my girls huddled around a story book as it was being told on the record player in the background. (Before you could download audiobooks, or buy books on CD or books on tape...there were books on record.)

God Bless 

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