Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just Peachy!

Enrichment for Elisabeth.

While Elisabeth relies on her g-tube for all of her nutrition, I do like to give her small tastes of things - just to add interest to her little life. She can't chew, but she does pretty well with foods that are smooth - like yogurt and ice cream.

This week we bought the most delicious peaches ever! As I was eating one, it occurred to me that Elisabeth would love sinking her teeth into a juicy ol' peach. So my peach quickly became her peach. Due to her open bite, she wasn't able to actually bite any peach off (thankfully, because remember - she doesn't know how to chew), but she was able to chomp down and enjoy all the juice that came flowing out.

I'm pretty sure she was thinking,  

"Mom, you've been holding out on me! Where has this peach been my entire life?"

 photo 022be95b-9f6b-43ce-8ecf-ea9bac5e2a03_zps14a496ac.jpg  photo 47e25af2-41df-4786-b675-3d53c6a8b101_zps2bff982c.jpg  photo ca59c533-285c-432b-a5f3-183cc9675956_zps07f04ece.jpg  photo 37f42922-dbb1-4133-9351-ba0d48a02c79_zps6deccdff.jpg  photo 27a3cdc2-6f0b-46a3-a8f1-300606bb1e6e_zpsfcfcf5e4.jpg 
Now isn't that peachy keen?

This post is part of a series titled, Enrichment for Elisabeth, 
where I focus on ways to add interest and experiences into her life - 
despite the many limitations she faces.

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