Thursday, September 11, 2014

Home Sweet Home

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Lorelai has really been struggling with her asthma this week. Consequently, she has been home from school most of the week doing breathing treatments. After I got home from my gig last night she was worse off than ever, so we went to the ER to have her looked at.

Her oxygen level was low and when they had her blow into the peak flow meter she couldn't even move the marker! The doctor and nurse had never seen such a thing. They gave her a steroid along with another breathing treatment. Once again, she blew into the peak flow meter and couldn't budge it. So, another breathing treatment.

By 2 AM the doctor was seriously considering admitting her but finally decided to let us go home for the night with a prescription for another steroid. Her breathing has still been weak, as the doctor put it, "It's like she is breathing through a straw."

But enough of the details, here is what I did to help keep Lorelai and me entertained until the wee hours of the morning:

1) Draw hair do's on the pain chart faces. It made me laugh to think about someone coming in the room and discovering them after we had gone.

  photo 9eced674-5afd-4f83-8cdc-93168df9a73a_zps783a8d24.jpg
I think they look much better with do's, don't you?

2) Play hang man. This puzzle was created by Lorelai for me to solve. My heart melted when I realized she had written home sweet home. We were both longing to crawl into bed.

  photo 491557ac-226c-4bed-85d2-621ad10ce57b_zps957e44cd.jpg

When they finally discharged her we were mid-game, so we decided to finish it off before we left. The doctor came back in to get a paper he'd forgotten and was shocked to see us still hanging around. "We had to finish our game of hangman," I explained. Then he laughed. Only someone as crazy as me would make hangman a priority at 2 AM.

Needless to say, she and I are both rather sleepy today.

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We've declared it a lazy day.

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