Friday, September 5, 2014

The Magic of Motherhood

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Yesterday was magical

Yesterday was peaceful

Yesterday was happy

 I am so grateful for my life, especially to be a mother. I am honored to be Elisabeth's mom. It's a big job. Sometimes I think about just how dependent she is. Sometimes I think about how she needs me for everything. Of course there are the obvious things, like food and diaper changes, but there are little things that I think about daily. For example, when I get her tucked into bed I try to figure out what weight of blanket she needs. Most people can just kick off a blanket if they get too hot, or they can pull on an extra blanket if they are cold. Elisabeth can do neither, she needs me to keep her in mind. I can usually sense what she needs - that's the magic of being a mother, you can sense things. 

Yes, I am a lucky one. Lucky to have all of this.

I will never forget just how lucky I am.

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