Monday, September 22, 2014

The Path Towards Independence

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[Alexandra, photographing a girls volleyball game.]
Alexandra is absolutely thriving in middle school! After turning in a four page application along with two letters of reference, she was selected to join the yearbook staff (one of only seven!). This means after school meetings as well as photographing sports games and other events. She was also elected to be president of the orchestra - winning with an overwhelming 70% if the vote. In addition to her school activities, she is busy rehearsing for Annie, which opens on October 10th. I saw a preview of the It's a Hard Knock Life choreography on Friday night and it looks amazing! To say I am proud of her would be a tremendous understatement. She is living up to her potential and excelling in every aspect of life.

I have been talking to her a lot lately about growing up. I explained that childhood is similar to a balance scale, with one side representing dependence, and the other, independence. When she was born, the scale was weighted completely to the side of dependence, but as she has grows, the scale begins to shift. My goal for her, I explained, is to have that scale completely to the side of independence by the time she is eighteen. I want her to understand who she is as a person, what she wants in life, and how to achieve those ambitions. 

I used to be sad at the thought of Alexandra growing up, not wanting these precious years of childhood to end, but now I just feel excitement as I see her taking steps towards adulthood.

She's going big places, I know it.

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