Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Countdown Begins!

On Sunday night I took an assortment of green, red, and white origami paper, cut it into strips, and had the girls make Countdown-to-Christmas chains. It is something we normally do every year, but missed it in 2013 since Elsa had just arrived (and we were a bit distracted). So it was a fun new tradition to share with her.

 photo be4c9242-c039-4339-832b-990c1032584d_zps2b50d4bb.jpg  photo 67faa3db-ffe9-4ac5-be54-a7e8acee64d3_zpsf92371cc.jpg  photo c4a15802-a2d6-49db-a33d-2ea57889ef30_zpse9bd12a3.jpg  photo 5f9d605a-cbeb-4406-b8c8-5e9ef4cf1c24_zps3566fd28.jpg

Jolly, jolly!

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