Friday, January 16, 2015

Elisabeth Sat Up!!!

By golly, look at that!!!

  photo 3f7a6b9d-7976-4111-944a-35db5330bd99_zpsf5ef720c.jpg

Elisabeth hasn't sat upright and played for months and months. Goodness, it might even have been a year. The combination of seizures and a spine exceeding an 80 degree curve have made it simply too hard to balance. But yesterday, she sat herself right up and played with a toy for a solid five minutes!! 

It was nothing short of miraculous.

  photo 65ea7f4a-1987-437f-91a6-0315047d91ad_zps193d897e.jpg  photo 041b497f-e429-4467-a71d-19085fc9a688_zps60f493c7.jpg  

Do you like her poncho? I am SO excited about it. It is nearly impossible to get Elisabeth's arms into winter coat sleeves due to her cerebral palsy. A year or so ago I saw a post somewhere about ponchos being the perfect solution for special needs children like Elisabeth. When I spotted this cable knit one at Old Navy I snatched it up in an instant. 

And it works better than I even imagined. 
When it's time to go out we just plop it over her head. 


No more fussing with coat sleeves. 


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