Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lizzy the Legless Wonder!

We took the footrest off of Elisabeth's wheelchair because she doesn't use it and it takes up space in the van. And suddenly, because of the way she sits, she looks like a little torso with no legs! We laughed and laughed!

 photo a2c44890-7790-4785-88bb-99775a91250b_zpsd12008df.jpg  photo c03ab29d-bce4-4073-be7c-182c2abaf43b_zps81f30c2e.jpg  photo 0dbb3385-ba26-4091-a7dd-d05d4c036228_zps43ed1e7f.jpg  photo 3f8b841a-c11f-47fc-99e7-a66a6af5f709_zps9dfcc3ff.jpg

Lizzy the Legless Wonder!

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