Friday, February 6, 2015

Elsa Lelise, Ballerina

So, we kind of did things a little backwards. Normally a child would take ballet class first and then perform in The Nutcracker. Not here. Elsa performed as a mouse in The Nutcracker last December having never taken a dance class.

But yesterday we remedied that.

I give to you, Elsa Lelise at her very first ballet class:

  photo ca155709-2230-4908-8e75-a758195a2920_zps1e8d3aed.jpg  photo 9a14eb08-48c1-42df-b39b-d135771272e4_zpsc8b8babc.jpg  photo a824663b-5910-4c09-832e-19b602184dad_zps6a7e0cbb.jpg  photo 10a7069c-f149-4837-853e-28a3d34dc014_zps32ea181d.jpg  photo 3678515c-060f-4259-86d2-42f9de6e8c30_zpseae13551.jpg

I only stayed for the first ten minutes or so because I was holding Elisabeth in my arms (and taking pictures - you learn to multi-task real well when you have a child like Elisabeth), but in those quick ten minutes I must have thought, "Oh, I wish Seyba was here to see this!" about ten times. 

Seyba, Elsa's biological mother, is always in my thoughts. I am dedicated to giving Elsa the best childhood possible because Seyba is trusting me to do so. And I hope that even though she can't see Elsa as she grows and learns, that she can feel her in her heart and know that all is well.

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